Straight bevel gear generator Gleason No.726

Technical specification: 


Root angle:

 -Min.: 15 deg

 -Max.: 55 deg

Pitch diameter:

 -Semi-automatic: 152 mm


   -Chute: 152 mm

   -Gear and pinion hopper: 102 mm

Shank length: 102 mm

Max. depth: 14,8 mm

Max. face width at root: 28 mm

Diameter of tapered hole at large end: 99 mm

Taper per foot: 15,4 mm

Depth of taper: 15,8 mm

Diameter of hole through spindle: 22,3 mm

Cutter speeds: 32,6-49,7 m/m

Feeds: 2,0-3,1 seconds per tooth

Main drive motor: 10 HP 1800 rpm (60 Hz), 1500 rpm (50 Hz)

Floor space: 3200x2210 mm

Weight: 8750 mm