Gear shaping machine Кomsomolec 5140

Manufacturer: Stanko-Komsomolec Yom: 1983 Have worked a little, 2 units available

Hob sharpening machine Klingelnberg AGW 230

Manufacturer: Klingelnberg (Germany) Yom: 1978

Hypoid gear generator Gleason No.116 (2 units available)

Manufacturer: USA YOM: 1985

Pfauter RS5 Horizontal gear hobbing manual machine

Manufacturer: Pfauter

Semi-automatic gear cutting machine 5230 (analogue of 5C267P)

YOM:1974 Manufaturer: Russian made (SARATOV)

Stanko 5A370 Horizontal gear hobbing machine

Manuafacturer: Kolomna Yom: 1969 Completed, in a working condition.

Straight bevel gear generator Gleason No.726

Straight bevel gear generator SARATOV 5A250

Manufacturer: Russia (saratov plant) YOM: 1974

Universal gear hobber Liebherr LN350

Manafacturer: Liebherr