Mechanical crank press KD 2132 (160 t)

Main technical specification: 

Nomminal force:   160 tons
Slide stroke: 25-160 mm
Table dimensions:    
 -Left-to-right: 1000 mm
 -Front-to-back: 670 mm
Dimensions of table opening:    
 -Left-to-right: 480 mm
 -Front-to-back: 320 mm
Distance between slide axis and bed: 360 mm
Max. distance between table and slide in its lower position at max. stroke: 480 mm
Distance between bed columns in daylight: at least 480 mm
Size of distance adjustment between table and slide: 120 mm
Thickness of bolster plate of mechanical crank press KV2132: 120 mm
Main electric motor power: 18,5 kW

Press dimensions: 2340x2100x3700 mm
Press weight: 14500 kg