Knuckle joint press SMERAL LLR 1000

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Main technical specification: 

Nominal force: 1000 tons
Effective stroke at nominal force: 3 mm
Ram stroke: 140 mm
Ram adjustment: 15 mm
Shut height: 630 mm
Width between uprights under guide ways: 900 mm
Table working area: 900x1000 mm
Ram working area: 710x650 mm
Number of ram strokes during continuos run: 36/1 min
Number of useful strokes: 20/1 min
Upper ejector-ejecting force: 100 kN
Upper ejector-stroke: 30 mm
Lower ejector-ejecting force: 200 kN
Lower ejector-stroke: 60 mm
Electric motor output: 37 kW
 -Width: 2840 mm
 -Length: 2380 mm
 -Height: 4114 mm
 -Height above floor: 3815 mm
Press weight: 37 tons