Hot forging press Voronezh K8542 (analogue K864) SOLD (can supply for inquiry)


Manufacturer: Voronezh Tiazhmechpress
Made in: Russia

Main technical specification:

Capacity: 1600 tons
Slide stroke: 300 mm
Slide stroke length at maximum force: 0,16 mm
Distance adjustment between table and slider: 10 mm
Slide stroke number in 1 min: 75
Length of a rod: 920 mm
The closed height (the least distance between a table and a slider in its bottom position): 660 mm
Table overall dimensions: 940x1200 mm
Table height above floor level: 450 mm
Slide overall dimensions: 860x910 mm
The size of lateral windows:
 -Height: 560 mm
 -Width: 600 mm
Main motor: 110 kW
Press overall dimensions:
 -Length: 5060 mm
 -Width: 3940 mm
 -Height above floor level: 5125 mm
Press weight: 120 tons