Forging hammer model M2145 (air steam) 3 t

Main technical specification:

Nominal mass of drop parts: 3150 kg
Strike energy: 80 kJ
Max number of blows per 1 min: 60
Max ram stroke: 1250 mm
Distance clear between guides: 710 mm
Ram front-to-back dimensions: 750 mm
Die-holder front-to-back dimensions: 1000 mm
Bottom die impression-to-floor distance: 800 mm
Min die holder-to-ram distance: 340 mm
Steam (air) pressure: 0.7-0.9 MPa
Overall dimensions: 
 -Floor space: 3820x1800 mm
 -Height above floor level: 5340 mm
Weight without anvil: 25 ton
Weight of anvil block: 63 ton

Total weight of the hammer with anvil block: 88 ton