Extrusion press AC-5100 (analog of Barnaul K0036) 400t

Technical specification:

Capacity of press, kN 4000 
Slider stroke, mm 230 

Frequency of continuous press strokes per minute, 25 
Number of single press strokes per minute, 16 
Press stroke path till its extreme position, where 
it develops capacity of press, mm 36 
Distance between die bed and press slide in its 
lower position with up position of adjustment, mm 590 
Dimension of distance adjustment between 
the bed and press slide, mm 16 
Proportions of bed, mm: 
from left to right 1000 
from front to back 1250 
Proportions of press slide, mm: 
from left to right 900 
from front to back 940 
Thickness of die bed, mm 160 
Overhead ejection stroke, mm 16 
Overhead ejection force, kN 160 
Inferior ejection stroke, mm 140 
Inferior ejection force, kN 500 
Rigidity, kN 3600 
Kind of current of circuit feeder alternating, 3-phase 
Current frequency, Hz 50 
Voltage, V 380 
Control circuit voltage, V 
alternating 110 
continuous 24 
Quantity of electric motors, 3 
Electric motor of main drive: 
power, kW 61 

Dimensions of press, mm 
from left to right 2270 
from front to back 2600 
height 4750 
Height of press above the floor, mm 4400 

Weight of press kg 37450